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JOBS/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “The August jobs report came out this morning. And I’m grateful for everyone who found work again and found a glimmer of hope that brings them back from the edge, but there is real cause for concern as well. The pace of the job gains in August was slower than July, significantly slower than in May and June. More and more temporary layoffs are turning into permanent layoffs. 28 million people filed for unemployment.

And after six months in the pandemic, we’re less than halfway back to where we were with 11 million, 11.5 million Americans not getting their jobs back. We’re still down 720, 000 manufacturing jobs. In fact, Donald Trump may be the only president of modern history to leave office with fewer jobs than when he took office.”

-Joe Biden, “Joe Biden Remarks on the August 2020 Jobs Report,” c-span.org, Sep. 4, 2020