MILITARY/SCANDAL: “There is nobody that feels more strongly about our soldiers, our wounded warriors, our soldiers that died in war, than I do. It’s a hoax, just like the fake dossier was a hoax, just like the ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ was a hoax. It was a total hoax. No collusion. Just like so many other things. It’s a hoax.

And you’ll hear more of these things, totally unrelated, as we get closer and closer to election. The [Atlantic] magazine is a failing magazine, and nobody called me — nobody called me from the magazine and said, ‘Do you have a comment about it?’ No, they just write whatever they want to write because they figure you can’t get sued. You can’t get sued, but it’s very — it’s a very hard — bringing lawsuits.

But we have many witnesses, and it’s a total — it’s a total — it’s just a continuation of the witch hunt, so that it can hopefully effect the election.”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump in Press Briefing | September 4, 2020,” whitehouse.gov, Sep. 4, 2020