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JOE BIDEN/TAXES: “[T]here’s so much we can do. So much we can do. And we can do it just by eliminating the tax cut for the top one-tenth of one percent, which is one billion three hundred fifty trillion dollars that’s done nothing to help anybody. Nineteen corporations making a billion dollars a piece don’t pay a single penny in taxes. I’m not wanting to punish anybody, but everyone should pay a fair share.

I can lay out for you … I won’t now because they’ll shoot me. But here’s the deal. I pay for every single thing I’m proposing without raising your taxes one penny. If you make less than 400 grand, you’re not going to get a penny taxed and you’re going to get a tax cut if you make under $125,000.”

-Joe Biden, “Joe Biden Delivers Remarks in Kenosha, Wisconsin,” c-span.org, Sep. 3, 2020