CLIMATE CHANGE: [Reporter: “Mr. President, do you think that storms like this are becoming more frequent because of climate change? “]

“Well, that was the question I asked these folks: Are the storms more frequent? Are they bigger? In all fairness, you probably had your biggest storms. I think you said your biggest one was in the 1800s, but who knows? Who knows? It might have been a very small storm, by comparison, right? There’s no way of really understanding that or knowing that.

But, look, the area has been a storm area. There are tremendous advantages to being here. People love it. That’s why they would never leave. They wouldn’t even think about leaving.

One thing I have — I’ve met a lot of people; not one person would even think about it. I think if they ever even suggested it, that would be the end of them, right?”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump in an Emergency Operations Briefing | Lake Charles, LA (August 29, 2020),” whitehouse.gov, Aug. 30, 2020