CONGRESS/DNI: [Reporter: “Mr. President, why is the DNI no longer going to be updating the House and the Senate on election security issues in person?”]

“Director [of National Intelligence] Ratcliffe brought information into the committee, and the information leaked. Whether it was Shifty Schiff or somebody else, they leak the information before it gets in. And what’s even worse: They leak the wrong information.

And he got tired of it. So he wants to do it in a different form, because you have leakers on the committee — obviously, leakers that are doing bad things. Probably not even legal to leak. But we’ll look into that separately. But they were leaking the information as brought in.”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump in an Emergency Operations Briefing | Orange, TX (August 29, 2020),” whitehouse.gov, Aug. 30, 2020