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MEDIA: “I think most of them [White House reporters] are told what to ask, and I see them reading their notes and then they look up and they ask this really obnoxious question… What I do now is, if I don’t like a question I’ll say, ‘Thank you very much. Bye-bye.’ And I leave. Frankly, I mean, I’m not telling any town secrets. What happens then is that everybody gets angry at the reporter that asked that obnoxious question.

I don’t mind tough questions. What I don’t think is fair are some of these questions that are really statements more than questions. They’re supposed to be asking questions of the President of the United States, and if they can’t do that, then I just do something else.”

-Donald Trump, “EXCLUSIVE: OAN’s Chanel Rion Interviews President Trump,” oann.org, Aug. 28, 2020