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TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Mr. Trump has refused to adapt to the presidency, forcing it to adapt to him. When he took over, he started his days in the Oval Office around 9 a.m., but then complained to aides that he was working 12 hours a day and that ‘this is way too much.’ Schedulers changed the routine so that his first meeting in the Oval Office rarely starts before 11 a.m., letting him watch television and make calls from the residence in the morning…

The president’s free-form style leaves aides scrambling. While phone calls with previous presidents were highly orchestrated affairs, Mr. Trump loves nothing more than to spontaneously call friends, lawmakers or people he just saw on Fox News.”

-Peter Baker, “Instead of Evolving as President, Trump Has Bent the Job to His Will,” nytimes.com, Aug. 27, 2020