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CHINA/SOCIAL MEDIA/TRUMP ADMIN: “TikTok, the video-sharing application owned by China-based ByteDance, filed a lawsuit Monday against the U.S. government challenging the Trump administration’s efforts to ban the company’s American operations…

The Trump administration has expressed concern about U.S. data security and data privacy with several Chinese companies, including Huawei and WeChat. ByteDance argued that is has provided the government with ‘voluminous documentation’ explaining TikTok’s security practices to prove it’s a private company that doesn’t share data with the Chinese government. Rather, ByteDance has viewed the administration’s attacks against TikTok as an escalation of an economic battle with China, which strictly regulates or prohibits U.S. internet companies from operating within its borders.”

-Alex Sherman, “TikTok sues U.S. government over Trump ban,” cnbc.com, Aug. 24, 2020