CORONAVIRUS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “[W]e have 50 states and I let the 50 governors run their states. They weren’t equipped, most of them weren’t equipped. They had empty cupboards cause nobody ever… I don’t even blame them necessarily, because nobody thought a thing like this [coronavirus] could happen.

And it almost seemed like ancient times, it would happen in ancient times. Who thought something like this could happen? 1917 was the big one, and that was, they think, close to 100 million people. From 50 to 100, at least. And that was terrible. That was the plague. That was the big flu of… It was so bad, it ended the first World War, they say, because all the soldiers were sick. They were so sick they couldn’t fight.

But now we have something that what we’ve done is incredible. Frankly, putting the ban on, that was something we did that nobody wanted me to do… That was a big move. We made a lot of good moves, and if you look at what’s happening now, the numbers are way down.”

-Donald Trump in an Aug. 22, 2020 interview with Mike Huckabee, “UNCUT EXCLUSIVE Interview With President Trump | Huckabee,” YouTube.com, Aug. 23, 2020