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DEMS/REGULATIONS: “They [Democrats] want to come in and put regulations on all of your factories, and all of your jobs, and all of your personal things. You know, little things, and they laugh at it when I say it. The light bulb. Those new expensive light bulbs. I said, ‘What happened to the old ones? They’re better.’ They said, ‘They were mandated out.’ I said, ‘Why?; Nobody could explain why. I said, ‘We’re letting them back. The light bulbs are back.’ Dishwashers. They have dishwashers they don’t give you any water. They give you not enough water, so they’re lousy. So what do people do? They press the button again, and again. No water. I let them have lots of water.”

-Donald Trump as quoted by Rev, “Donald Trump Speech Transcript August 20: In Joe Biden’s Hometown,” rev.com, Aug. 20, 2020