CHINA/IRAN/JOE BIDEN: “And, by the way, if Sleepy Joe Biden ever got in, China would own the United States. They’d own it. They’d own every one of these people. They’d own this building. They’d own the United States — because Biden would give them everything for two reasons: Number one, he’s not smart; and number two, he’s weak. China would own our country.

And you know what else? You’ll have a deal the first month, or sooner, with Iran. Iran is dying to make a deal. But I said, ‘Let’s wait until after the election.’ And they would want to wait because there’s a chance — if Biden ever got in, they’d give them another $150 billion, like they did. The dumbest deal I’ve ever seen.”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump During Border Wall Construction and Operational Update | Yuma, AZ,” whitehouse.gov, Aug. 18, 2020