AGRICULTURE/CHINA: “I will tell you, China wants me to lose so badly. They all do. They all do. And yet I get along with all of them. Although China I don’t speak to them. After the plague came in, you know, we made a great deal with China. They announced last week that China ordered the largest amount of corn in history and the largest amount of soybeans in history and big cattle purchases. One of the biggest anybody has seen. And I said, ‘See how smart they are? If they weren’t smart, they would’ve stopped and we would’ve said let’s decouple.’ But by ordering so much, the farmers come to me, ‘Sir, we like this deal a lot. Please don’t do anything irrational.’

How smart is China? Right? The biggest corn order. Think. They said the biggest corn order in history. So I have to say, ‘Ah.’ But I tell you, my view has changed a lot. We’ve made a great deal with China, but my view has changed a lot.”

-Donald Trump as quoted by Rev, “Donald Trump Speech Transcript Minnesota August 17,” rev.com, Aug. 17, 2020