CHINA/HONG KONG/STOCK MARKET: “I have taken all that back – all of those incentives that they had for the Hong Kong market in order to keep a certain amount of freedom over there, knowing they have China looming over the top of them, but all of those incentives – billions and billions and billions of dollars that I gave – that we gave to Hong Kong, I’ve taken back now because it’s Hong Kong – is if you use a business term, it’s owned by China.

So why should I give this to China? Hong Kong can never succeed without those incentives… So what does it mean for the United States at a very practical sense?

It means that our markets are going to make a lot more money. They’re going to use the New York Stock Exchange. They’re going to use Nasdaq. They’re going to use our markets, and the Hong Kong markets will go to hell. Nobody is going to do business – very few people are going to do business in Hong Kong anymore.”

-Donald Trump in an interview with Maria Bartiromo, “Mornings with Maria,” video.foxbusiness.com, Aug. 13, 2020