2020 ELECTION/CAMPAIGN/JOE BIDEN/OBAMA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “At fund-raising events where he has pulled in more than $24 million for Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign in the past two months, former President Barack Obama has privately unleashed on President Trump to party donors, bringing up past accusations of Mr. Trump’s “assaulting women” and warning of his efforts to push “nativist, racist, sexist” fears and resentments…

During his conversation with Mr. Pritzker, Mr. Obama spoke about how Mr. Trump has a core base that ‘filters out any contradictory information… What he has unleashed and what he continues to try to tap into is the fears and anger and resentment of people who, in some cases, really are having a tough time and have seen their prospects, or communities where they left, declining. And Trump tries to tap into that and redirect in nativist, racist, sexist ways.'”

-Shane Goldmacher and Glenn Thrush, “Obama Unleashes on Trump Privately as He Raises $24 Million for Biden,” nytimes.com, July 30, 2020