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CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/VACCINES: “[W]hat percent is American people saying if the [coronavirus] vaccine were there tomorrow, they wouldn’t take it? And it’s not the usual anti-vaccine crowd it’s beyond that because people are losing faith in what the president says. Think about it.

The words of a president matter significantly. They can, as I said before, take us to war. They can bring peace. They can rise up and cause the market to rise, they can do good things, but people listen to what a president says. And if a president repeatedly says things to you that are not true and then comes the time when they say I have something that I think can cure you, but it could really hurt you. You’re not going to listen to the guy who’s been lying you along the way.”

-Joe Biden as quoted by Rev, “Joe Biden Racial Equity Plan Speech Transcript July 28,” rev.com, July 28, 2020