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JOE BIDEN/PROTESTS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “[W]hen the president decided he had to walk across from the White House through a group of peaceful demonstrators to an Episcopal church to hold a Bible upside down, which I don’t know how often he reads, and he used the military to do that, did you ever think you’d see a chairman of the joint chiefs of staff apologizing to the nation for participating in that? Did you ever think you’d see four former chiefs of staff talk about how everything’s about dividing the country?

That wasn’t about being able to walk across and hold up the Bible. That wasn’t about the church burning or being burned. It was about, as his own people said, his own commander, it was about dividing the country.”

-Joe Biden as quoted by Rev, “Joe Biden Racial Equity Plan Speech Transcript July 28,” rev.com, July 28, 2020