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PARDONS/ROGER STONE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “I’m getting rave reviews for what I did for Roger Stone. And he, frankly, is going to go and now appeal his case. He had a jury forewoman who hated Roger Stone and who hated, probably, me. But she went on a false pretense. And he wasn’t given a fair trial…

So these are things that happened. And if you look at President Bush, President Clinton, President Obama — take a look at what they did. Frankly, it’s very unfair. Roger stone was treated very unfairly, in my opinion, and so were many others on this side…

But, no, we’re getting rave reviews for what I did. Okay?”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump in a Roundtable with Stakeholders Positively Impacted by Law Enforcement,” whitehouse.gov, July 13, 2020