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JOHN BOLTON/TRUMP PEOPLE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Well, my experience was he very rarely read much. The intelligence briefings took place perhaps once or twice a week… It’s very unusual. They should take place every day. The president should read extensively the material he’s given. It’s not clear to me that he read much of anything. I think too many people attended the briefings. There were perhaps eight, ten people in the room most times.

And it’d be interesting if somebody could do a statistical analysis at the end of the administration, total time in intelligence briefings, what percentage of that time did the president speak, and what time did the intelligence briefers speak. I would love to see that statistic. Because it’s gonna be pretty close to 50/50, which is unusual to say the least.”

-John Bolton as quoted by ABC News, “TRANSCRIPT: John Bolton Interview with ABC News’ Martha Raddatz,” abcnews.go.com, June 21, 2020