COURTS/LEGAL/NOMINATIONS/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “We’re going to have potentially close to 300 judges including DC it’ll be close to 300. Nobody’s close. They’re all conservative, highly respected judges. They’re going to be there for many years. They’re all young. They’re all conservative. They’re all very smart. And they’re getting great reviews. If I did nothing else, that’s good. Plus, I put two Supreme Court judges in that are excellent people. But if I did nothing else, and it’s really amazing because if I wasn’t here, those judges go to super liberal, young, smart judges, okay? Super liberal radical left. And you won’t have your Second Amendment any longer. And you will have a view on life that’s much different than the view on life now.”

-Donald Trump in a June 17, 2020 interview as quoted by WSJ Staff, “Transcript of President Trump’s Interview With The Wall Street Journal,” wsj.com, June 18, 2020