CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/SENIORS: “We understand this disease [COVID-19] now. We didn’t understand it. Nobody has ever seen it before. It’s very tough, very contagious, very mean to certain people. We’ve learned a lot. We didn’t know. Nobody knew anything about it. But we learned a lot…

We knew it was highly contagious because it spread like fire. But we didn’t know that it hit certain groups of people. That helps us so much in testing and other things. So we’re going to protect our elderly. We’re going to protect, especially, our elderly with problems, whether it’s heart or diabetes or any problem. It’s like a magnet. I mean, you’re elderly and you have diabetes or you have a bad heart, it’s — it’s like a magnet. They say if you’re — if you’re heavy. So I say, ‘Thank goodness I’m in perfect shape. Thank goodness.’ But if you’re — if you’re heavy, it’s not good. It’s a — it’s a brutal, brutal thing.”

-Donald Trump, “Remarks by President Trump on the Jobs Numbers Report,” whitehouse.gov, June 8, 2020