CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19/JOE BIDEN/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “If Trump and his team understand how critical testing is to their safety — and they seem to, given their own behavior — why are they insisting that it’s unnecessary for the American people?

And why does the president insist on trying to turn this into yet another line of division, pitting strained, grieving Americans against one another across manufactured battle lines of ‘health’ and ‘the economy’? Everybody knows that we can’t revive the latter unless we safeguard the former — and pretending otherwise is the most transparent of political ploys. Instead of once again seeking to divide us, Trump should be working to get Americans the same necessary protections he has gotten for himself.”

-Joe Biden, “Joe Biden: How the White House coronavirus response presents us with a false choice,” washingtonpost.com, May 11, 2020