IMPEACHMENT/SUPREME COURT/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has returned to his day job, and he must be relieved. His grim demeanor during President Trump’s impeachment trial made plain that he did not enjoy his role in it. As the trial ended, the chief justice said he had ‘attempted to carry out ill-defined responsibilities in an unfamiliar setting’ during ‘my period of required residency.’ He approached the task of presiding over the trial with stoic restraint, no doubt having concluded that doing as little as possible was the best way to try to protect the authority and legitimacy of the Supreme Court in an era of poisonous partisan warfare. He told the senators that he hoped to see them ‘under happier circumstances,’ inviting them to visit the court. On his home turf, the chief justice suggested, things were more to his liking.”

Adam Liptak, “Chief Justice’s Impeachment Handbook: Determined Minimalism,” The New York Times online, February 10, 2020