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DEMS/ELECTION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Sen. Amy Klobuchar recognizes that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are going to clean up here. But she sees a path to success by finding voters to whom they have little appeal — like those who are so independent-minded they voted for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump. It shows in every piece of her strategy, from the towns she visits to her stump speech. And in a state where the biggest voting bloc, 43 percent, is independents, it’s a game plan her campaign thinks will create an Election Day surprise. Klobuchar spent hours in one of those cities, Claremont, on Tuesday delivering her stump speech and taking questions in a standing-room-only hall filled with over 300 people. It’s one of the poorest cities in the state, struggling for decades to fund its public schools and attract new business. Just outside the venue sat a home crumbling under the wet snow, with its windows boarded up and saplings pushing out from between the peeling wooden siding.”

Trent Spiner, “Looking for an edge, Klobuchar chases Trump voters,” Politico, January 2, 2020 5:04 am