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IRAN/LEGAL/PRISONER/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Federal prosecutors have dropped criminal charges against two more individuals linked to a prisoner swap with Iran announced by the Trump administration on Saturday. An Atlanta-based federal judge on Wednesday [12-11-91] dismissed the sanctions-violation cases against scientists Mahboobe Ghaedi and Maryam Jazayeri. Both women were co-defendants in the prosecution of Masoud Soleimani, a renowned Iranian stem-cell researcher who was arrested last year in the U.S. on charges of arranging the export of human growth factors to his home country. Jazayeri was carrying the vials when they were seized from her as she boarded a flight in Atlanta in 2016. Ghaedi, a Yale researcher at the time, was accused of helping arrange the transfer of the biological materials.”

Josh Gerstein, “U.S. quietly drops 2 more prosecutions linked to Trump Iran prisoner swap,” Politico, December 12, 2019 12:14 am