ELECTION/IMPEACHMENT/NEW JERSEY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “In a legislative district in southern New Jersey, where Trump bumper stickers are nearly as common as American flags, the polarizing national battle over impeachment is playing out in real time. A Democrat trying to hold on to his seat in the state’s sole Senate contest on Tuesday was pressed into saying that he would not rule out voting for President Trump, and that he certainly would not support two of his own party’s front-runners, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. His Republican opponent rebuffs criticism from the Democratic incumbent with the hashtag #fakenews. Amid the rancor of the presidential impeachment inquiry, New Jersey candidates locked in a small handful of competitive off-year election battles find themselves walking a thin line between avoiding talk of Washington and embracing it.”

Tracey Tully, “Trump and Impeachment Cast a Shadow Over New Jersey’s Elections,” The New York Times online, November 1, 2019