ENERGY/INTERIOR/OIL/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “An increase in oil and gas production on U.S. public lands drove a 30% increase in federal energy and minerals revenue disbursements in fiscal year 2019, to $11.69 billion, the U.S. Interior Department said on Thursday [10-24-19]. It said in a statement that the increased output offset lower overall prices for oil and gas during the year, allowing for the $2.76 billion revenue jump. The Trump Administration has made aggressive moves to boost energy production on federal lands and waters by holding larger and more frequent lease sales and speeding up drilling permit timelines. Disbursements in fiscal 2019 were nearly double the $6.23 billion allocated in the final year of the Obama Administration, the department said. Oil and gas production on federal lands has also gotten a big boost from increased drilling on New Mexico’s portion of the giant Permian Basin field, most of which lies beneath public land.”

Nichola Groom, “Rising U.S. oil, gas output fuels 30% jump in federal minerals revenues -Interior,” Reuters, October 24, 2019 3:14 pm