BETSY DEVOS/EDUCTION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Wednesday [6-26-19] that education has not been a main agenda item for President Donald Trump but that he’s been supportive of her agency’s work…DeVos’ relationship with Trump was thrust into the spotlight earlier this year after the controversy over proposed funding cuts for the Special Olympics. DeVos publicly defended the administration’s proposal for days until Trump suddenly reversed course, declaring that he had ‘overridden my people.’ Earlier this month, Trump appeared to side with West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice in the governor’s rift with DeVos and GOP legislators over charter schools and education savings account programs in the state. And earlier this week, leaked Trump transition team vetting documents posted by Axios noted DeVos’ past opposition to Trump as a candidate during the 2016 election.”

Michael Stratford, “Betsy DeVos: Education ‘has not been at the top’ of Trump priorities,” Politico, June 26, 2019 1:01 pm