ENERGY/NUCLEAR/OHIO/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “The Ohio House approved a bill Wednesday [5-29-19] to gut clean energy standards and subsidize at-risk nuclear and coal plants after a last-minute push from a Trump reelection official to secure its passage. Bob Paduchik, a senior adviser to the Trump reelection campaign, made calls Tuesday [5-28-19] night to at least five members of the Ohio House of Representatives, pressuring them to vote ‘yes’ on the bill, five people familiar with the outreach told POLITICO. Sources said Paduchik emphasized preserving jobs at the Perry and Davis-Besse nuclear plants, both located in northeastern Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie. Backers of the bill say the plants support a total of 4,000 jobs once contractors and suppliers are added to the mix…Paduchik did not return requests for comment, but confirmed to a local reporter that he called lawmakers to support the bill, saying he did so as a personal matter…The bill, which would create a $300 million subsidy program for two nuclear plants and two coal plants in the state, passed 53-43 Wednesday afternoon.”

Gavin Bade, “Ohio advances coal, nuclear subsidies after pressure from Trump campaign official,” Politico, May 29, 2019 7:03 pm