IVANKA/RUSSIA INVESTIGATION/TRUMP PEOPLE: “Rhona Graff, President Trump’s longtime executive assistant, was asked for documents related to foreign governments providing gifts or money to Ivanka Trump or her businesses. Anatoli Samochornov, the Russian translator who sat in on a meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russian lobbyists, was asked to hand over handwritten notes showing any capital investment from Russian entities to Ms. Trump or her businesses. And Jeff Sessions, the former attorney general, was asked for any documents related to loans or capital investments from Russians directed to Ms. Trump. The president’s elder daughter and top White House adviser was notably absent from a blitz of document requests that the House Judiciary Committee sent earlier this month to 81 individuals and organizations linked to the president. House Democrats have been cautious about targeting Ms. Trump and the other Trump children as they investigate the president, worried about triggering a backlash.”

Annie Karni, “House Democrats Target Ivanka Trump (but Through a Side Door),” The New York Times online, March 13, 2019