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On Jan. 20, 2021, Donald Trump’s presidency ended and Joe Biden became president. As of that date, this site contained over 42,000 sourced comments and quotes, with an estimated 92.4% by or about Trump, compared to 7.6% by or about Biden (see methodology).

This site is no longer being updated daily, but we may occasionally add quotes relating to Trump or Biden that seem relevant to the context of the Trump presidency.


BORDER/LATINOS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/WALL: “President Donald Trump’s new favorite talking point is a claim that his recent crusade for a southern border wall, which draws furious accusations of xenophobia and racism, has made him more likable to Hispanics…It was at least the third time Trump has publicly referenced the surprising number, including in a Jan. 27 tweet in which he argued his monthlong standoff with Congress was a political success. It appears to come from an NPR/Marist poll that shows his approval rating among Hispanics soaring from 31 percent in December to 50 percent this month…But veteran pollsters who spoke with POLITICO called the number suspect, citing issues with the poll’s sample size and methodology. Broader polling data show little sign that Trump’s standing with Hispanics is on the rise. To the consternation of Democrats, however, it doesn’t seem to be falling, either. Trump’s dire rhetoric about immigration seems to have done little damage to his modest — but not insignificant — support among Hispanics.”

Gabby Orr, “Is Trump really winning over Hispanics?,” Politico, January 29, 2019 6:45 pm