G20/MICHAEL COHEN/ROBERT MUELLER/RUSSIA INVESTIGATION/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “If Donald Trump thought he could end this week with a high note at the G20 summit, Robert Mueller’s investigation certainly scuttled those plans. Hours before Trump boarded his plane to Argentina, a bombshell landed in Trumpworld with the news Michael Cohen had pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about — and a sign Cohen is talking Trump’s business deals with Mueller — a previously stated ‘red line’ for Trump. Trump fired back — from the air — tweeting that the investigation is an ‘illegal Joseph McCarthy style Witch Hunt’ and should be called off. He also defended his actions on the campaign trail: ‘Even if he was right, it doesn’t matter, because I was allowed to do whatever I wanted during the campaign.’ Meanwhile, the field of would-be challengers to Trump is crystallizing, with more and more Democrats inching closer to announcing their intentions to run.”

Lauren Dezenski, “How Robert Mueller blew up Donald Trump’s week,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, November 30, 2018 8:04 pm