E-MAILS/HILLARY CLINTON/IVANKA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Faced with a Washington Post report that Ivanka Trump had regularly used a private email account to conduct government business in 2017, the explanation from her side went like this: She didn’t know that was wrong! I’m not kidding…As you may remember, the central attack by Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign centered on her decision to use a private email account and server while serving as secretary of state. Trump insisted that Clinton was not being fully transparent about why she used a private email server for government business — and used that as a foothold into a broader questioning of whether the former secretary of state could be trusted with the nation’s top job…The point is this: It is literally impossible to believe, after everything that transpired during the 2016 campaign regarding Clinton’s use of a private email to conduct government business, that Ivanka Trump was simply unaware that what she was doing wasn’t allowed. It’s just not possible.”

Chris Cillizza, “Team Ivanka’s email explanation is beyond ridiculous,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, November 20, 2018 9:12 pm