IVANKA/JARED KUSHNER/PRISONS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “President Donald Trump on Wednesday [11-14-18] announced his support for a bipartisan prison reform bill, called the FIRST Step Act…Trump added that the White House pledge ‘to ‘Hire American’ includes those leaving prison and looking for a very fresh start — new job, new life.’ Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, who has taken on criminal justice reform efforts since joining the White House, was present during the President’s remarks. Also present were fellow White House adviser and first daughter Ivanka Trump, faith leaders, law enforcement leaders and lawmakers supporting the legislation were also present…Trump came to support the criminal justice reform bill on Wednesday after White House officials were able to demonstrate to him that there is a growing coalition of support for the bill, representing people on different sides of the political spectrum and law enforcement groups, a senior White House official said. Trump was first presented with the framework for criminal justice reform the White House was pursuing ‘about a year ago’ and had ‘no objection to the policy’ at the time, the official said.”

Maegan Vazquez, Liz Stark and Jeremy Diamond, “Trump announces support for bipartisan prison reform,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, November 14, 2018 9:19 pm