IRAN/OBAMA ADMIN: “Iran is a real problem for this country. The president made a horrible deal. When I say the president, I’m talking about past [Obama] administration made a horrible deal giving $150 billion, giving $1.8 billion in cash — in actual cash carried out in barrels and in boxes from airplanes. It’s inconceivable — $1.8 billion.

And all they do is scream ‘death to America, death to America.’ And by the way, they’re not screaming it so much anymore. They were screaming it with him. They don’t scream it with me. We haven’t seen their little boats circling our ships in the ocean lately, because they know if they do circle the ships, they’re not going to be there very longer.”

-Donald Trump as quoted by Aaron Blake, “Trump’s unwieldy ‘Fox and Friends’ interview, annotated,” washingtonpost.com, Apr. 26, 2018