BUDGET/CONGRESS/PAUL RYAN/SPENDING/TRUMP PEOPLE: “A six-month budget truce stitched together by Congress in March could unravel if Republican leaders vying to replace U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan indulge party conservatives who want to renege on critical parts of the pact. At issue is a resurgent move by conservative Republicans to rescind, or cut about $60 billion in non-defense domestic spending increases that were key to winning Democratic votes. That deal also significantly raised U.S. military spending this year as demanded by Republicans. Those seeking the cuts would need the support of Republican House leaders, such as Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, both seen as potential rivals to replace Ryan as the No. 1 House Republican and – if the party retains its majority in November elections – as speaker.”

-Richard Cowan, “Struggle to replace Ryan could blow up Congress budget deal,” Reuters, April 13, 2018 3:42 am