IRAN/NUKES/SAUDI ARABIA/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/YEMEN:“President Trump welcomed Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to the White House on Tuesday [3-20-18], reaffirming his embrace of an ambitious young monarch bent on reforming his country and realigning the Middle East.
The last time Mr. Trump played host to Prince Mohammed at the White House, a year ago, he was jockeying for position in the court of his father, King Salman. This time, with Mr. Trump’s unstinting support, Prince Mohammed arrived after having consolidated his position as Saudi Arabia’s heir apparent as well as a disruptive figure in the region…During the meeting, a senior administration official said, the two leaders took up an array of thorny issues: Mr. Trump’s coming decision on whether to rip up the Iran nuclear deal; Saudi Arabia’s bitter dispute with its neighbor, Qatar; and the brutal civil war in Yemen, which has led lawmakers to propose a cutoff in American support for a Saudi-led bombing campaign that has killed thousands.”

Mark Landler, “Saudi Prince’s White House Visit Reinforces Trump’s Commitment to Heir Apparent,” The New York Times online, Mar. 21, 2018