DEMS/ETHICS/POLITICAL FIGURES: “A prominent donor to the Democratic Party says she is considering withdrawing support for senators who urged their colleague Al Franken to resign after he was accused of sexual misconduct.
The donor, Susie Tompkins Buell, has been one of the Democratic Party’s most generous supporters for decades. In particular, she has been a champion of female politicians, including Senators Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Maria Cantwell of Washington.
Last month, those senators were among the dozens who called for Mr. Franken to resign from the Senate after at least six women accused him of sexual harassment or misconduct, such as forcible kissing and groping.
Mr. Franken announced his resignation on Dec. 7 before the Senate Ethics Committee had completed a review of the accusations, which he disputed…
Ms. Buell said in a text message on Saturday that withdrawing support from the senators who called for his resignation was ‘an option’ she was considering.
‘In my gut they moved too fast,’ she wrote, adding that Mr. Franken ‘was never given his chance to tell his side of the story.’
‘For me this is dangerous and wrong,’ she added. ‘I am a big believer in helping more women into the political system but this has given me an opportunity to rethink of how I can best help my party.’ “

-Jacey Fortin, “Major Donor Reconsiders Support for Democrats Who Urged Al Franken to Quit,” The New York Times online, Jan. 7, 2018