FCC/NET NEUTRALITY: “The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday [12-14-17] is set to roll back far-reaching rules governing how internet-service providers treat traffic on their networks, a move expected to empower cable and wireless providers and transform consumers’ online experience.
The 2015 ‘net neutrality’ rules were one of the signature regulatory actions of the Obama administration, requiring broadband providers to treat all traffic equally, without blocking or slowing content, or providing fast lanes for favored sites and services.
Republicans say the shift will unwind what they consider to be a regulatory overreach, restoring vitality to the broadband economy and benefiting consumers with more choices as well as lower prices.
The FCC’s five commissioners are scheduled to vote on the rules Thursday morning, and the three Republicans on the board are widely expected to back the change.”

-John D. McKinnon, “FCC Set to Dismantle Net-Neutrality Regime,” The Wall Street Journal online, Dec. 14, 2017 10:12am