FCC/NET NEUTRALITY/POLITICS: “The U.S. Federal Communications Commission vote on Thursday [12-14-17] to roll back net neutrality rules could galvanize young voters, a move Democrats hope will send millennials to the polls in greater numbers and bolster their chances in next year’s elections.
Democrats are hoping to paint the repeal of the rules by the FCC, which is now chaired by President Donald Trump appointee Ajit Pai, as evidence Republicans are uninterested in young people and consumer concerns at large…
Attitudes toward ‘net neutrality,’ or rules that prevent internet providers from limiting customers’ access to certain websites or slowing download speeds for specific content, are largely split along party lines in Congress. The heated debate has turned into the kind of election issue that Democrats think will help them.
Studies show young people disproportionately use the internet compared with older Americans and polls have shown they feel passionately about fair and open internet access. Democrats believe the issue may resonate with younger voters who may not be politically active on other issues like taxes or foreign policy.”

-David Shepardson and Ginger Gibson, “Net neutrality repeal gives Democrats fresh way to reach millennials,” Reuters, Dec. 14, 2017 04:35pm