BUDGET/CRISIS/DEMS/NATIONAL DEBT: “The Senate Thursday [9-7-17] advanced a contentious deal struck between President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders that rolled together emergency relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey with a short-term extension of the government’s funding and its borrowing limit.
In a 79-18 cloture vote that came together swiftly on Thursday, the Senate ended debate on legislation approving $15.25 billion for relief and recovery efforts for the Harvey and Irma hurricanes, as well as provisions keeping the government running and its debt limit suspended until Dec. 15.
The vote clears the way for the Senate to dispatch three of the most urgent measures facing Congress this month—all within lawmakers’ first week of return after their August break. Congress rarely acts before an 11th hour deadline and most lawmakers were expecting a long, protracted fight over the debt ceiling and government spending to consume most of the month.”

-Kristina Peterson, “Senate Advances Bill on Storm Aid, Debt Limit and Spending,” The Wall Street Journal online, Sept. 7, 2017 02:31pm