NIKKI HALEY/UN: “The American ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki R. Haley, on Thursday criticized the organization over its inquiry into the killings of two investigators in the Democratic Republic of Congo, saying that it amounted to only a ‘first step’ in tracking down those responsible.
The United Nations issued a report on Wednesday that largely absolved the organization from responsibility over the deaths, in March, of Michael J. Sharp, an American, and Zaida Catalán, a citizen of Sweden and Chile. The report concluded that the two had ignored security measures available to them while they conducted their investigations. It also implied that they lacked experience…
The deaths of Mr. Sharp, 34, and Ms. Catalán, 36, raised questions about the United Nations and its work in the most dangerous places in the world. Almost two months passed before the United Nations even assembled a panel to look into what went wrong, and its members traveled to Congo only in early June.
The two investigators had been appointed by the United Nations Security Council to an independent panel of experts to look into atrocities in the vast country that has a long history of instability and violence.”

-Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, “U.S. Faults U.N. Report on Killings of 2 Investigators in Congo,” The New York Times online, Aug. 17, 2017