TAXES/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “On February 9, President Donald Trump told manufacturing CEOs during a White House event that he was going to release something ‘phenomenal in terms of tax’ in two or three weeks.
As of April 10, eight and a half weeks later, no tax plan has been released by the White House, and, based on reports, it doesn’t appear to be coming soon.
Since the early days of the campaign, Trump has said he wants to slash corporate taxes to 15% and cut personal tax rates drastically.
But The Associated Press’ Josh Boak and Stephen Ohlemacher report that administration officials have scrapped the outline for tax reform Trump released during the campaign and are writing a new plan.
According to the report, the White House is writing a version of a tax plan rather than signing onto one from congressional lawmakers, as it did with healthcare. The American Health Care Act failed to pass the House last month, and the misstep has left analysts concerned about the future of Trump’s agenda.”

-Bob Bryan, “Trump’s next big economic plan is already hitting speed bumps,” Business Insider, April 10, 2017 10:03 am