FOREIGN POLICY/MILITARY/NAVY/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “A U.S. Navy strike group has been ordered to relocate to the western Pacific Ocean, providing a physical presence near the Korean Peninsula as concerns mount over North Korea’s missile program.
The Pentagon announced the deployment late Saturday. In a statement, U.S. Pacific Command spokesman David Benham said the Carl Vinson Strike Group set sail toward the peninsula from Singapore.
‘For more than 70 years, the U.S. Navy has maintained a persistent naval presence in the Indo-Asia Pacific. The U.S. Navy is committed to continuing this forward presence, which is focused on stability, regional cooperation and economic prosperity for all nations,’ said Benham.
The announcement comes amid North Korea’s insistent testing of a ballistic missile program, which is banned under international rules. At the same time, it’s the latest action from the Trump administration as it works to articulate its red line in handling the rogue nation.”

-Jason Slotkin, “U.S. Deploys Navy Strike Group To Korean Peninsula As Missile Concerns Mount,” NPR, April 9, 2017 11:44am