SUPREME COURT/TRUMP PEOPLE/NEIL GORSUCH: “The Senate handed President Donald Trump his biggest victory so far, confirming Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch after Republicans muscled past Democratic opposition with a unilateral rule change that may wind up poisoning the debate over the president’s agenda in Congress.
With Vice President Mike Pence in the presiding officer’s chair, the Senate voted 54-45 to confirm Gorsuch who, at age 49, is likely to help shape the court for decades to come. Trump is counting on him to reinstate a conservative-leaning 5-4 court under Chief Justice John Roberts.
Gorsuch will be sworn in Monday with a private ceremony at the court to be followed by a public oath-taking at the White House, the court said in a statement. Roberts will administer the oath at the court, and Justice Anthony Kennedy will preside at the White House.”

-Laura Litvan, “Senate GOP Gives Trump a Much-Needed Win With Supreme Court Vote,” Bloomberg, April 7, 2017