ABORTION/POLITICS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/UN: “The US cut funding for a UN program for women and girls, a move that critics said was based on faulty information, could lead to greater instability in the Middle East and hurt women around the world.
The United States, as promised, has drastically cut funding to the United Nations’ most significant population agency, which helps women in 155 countries around the world.
The Trump administration announced the move late Monday, sending notice that it would pull $32.5 million from the United Nations Population Fund because it works with the Chinese government, which forces its citizens into coercive abortions and involuntary sterilization.
UN officials said that the UNFPA, as the group is known, has nothing to do with abortion. And they said that because the US funding goes largely to emergency aid at a time when the world is facing the worst cluster of humanitarian crises in decades, the impact on refugees and women in crisis will be disproportionate.
The decision “could have devastating effects on the health of vulnerable women and girls and their families around the world,” said Secretary-General Antonio Guterres through a spokesman.”

-Nicole Gaouette, Richard Roth and Laura Ly, “US cuts women’s health funding to UN,” CNN Politics, CNN.com, April 5, 2017