CABINET/EPA/TRUMP PEOPLE/SCOTT PRUITT: “Any expectation that Scott Pruitt, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, would be able to cruise through an appearance on ‘Fox News Sunday’ over the weekend was dashed within about 10 seconds of the interview.
…Wallace began grilling Pruitt about an executive order President Trump signed last week to dismantle President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which had required states to cut down on overall emissions and sought to limit carbon emissions from power plants.
Wallace noted that the EPA, under Obama’s administration, had set a number of health milestones attainable by 2030 — if the Clean Power Plan were implemented. Those included 90,000 fewer asthma attacks, 300,000 fewer missed work and school days, and 3,600 fewer premature deaths per year…
‘The president’s keeping his promise to deal with that overreach, Chris,’ Pruitt said. ‘It doesn’t mean that clean air and clear water is not going to be the focus in the future. We’re just going to do it right within the consistency of the framework that Congress has passed.’
Wallace was not having it.
‘But sir, you’re giving me a regulatory answer, a political answer,’ Wallace said. ‘You’re not giving a health answer.’ “

-Amy B Wang, “The left and right agree: Fox News destroyed EPA chief Scott Pruitt over climate change,” The Washington Post online, April 3, 2017