TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Saturday, April 29, will mark President Trump’s 100th day in office. But will it also mark Day 1 of a government shutdown?
It will if Congress doesn’t pass a spending bill soon that authorizes funding for the federal government — and if the president doesn’t sign it.
The current temporary spending bill — a so-called continuing resolution — expires on April 28. But there are still five months remaining for this fiscal year that need funding.
It certainly won’t look good if the government shuts down on Republicans’ watch, since they control both Congress and the White House, especially given questions about their ability to govern in the wake of the party’s recent failure to accomplish its No. 1 goal: Obamacare repeal.
‘Republicans do not want a shutdown. Oh my God, they don’t want that,’ said Steve Bell, a former senior staffer on the Senate Budget Committee.”

-Jeanne Sahadi, “Will Congress celebrate Trump’s 100th day in office with a government shutdown?,” CNN Money, CNN.com, March 29, 2017 2:36pm