TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “Fox News has been widely mocked after it tweeted a ‘news alert’ stating that Donald Trump was working over the weekend.
The news organisation, which is one of the few media outlets to support the controversial president, whose approval ratings are at a historic low for a new president, shared the bizarre update yesterday.
‘News Alert: @POTUS spending weekend working at the White House,’ the tweet read.
However, many pointed out that this simply wasn’t true — and, even if it was, would it really be news?
Over the weekend, Trump twice travelled to the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia on Saturday [3-25-17] and Sunday, where he chaired meetings.
Trump headed back to the White House after his Saturday meetings, and later had dinner at Trump International Hotel nearby.
Sunday’s trip marked the president’s 13th visit to a golf course since taking office, according to The Hill.
Much has been made of how Trump spends his weekends — specifically his trips to Mar-A-Lago, Florida, and the business meetings he holds there.”

-Anthony Pearce, “Everyone is laughing at Fox News for its ‘alert’ about Trump working from the White House,” Yahoo News UK, March 27, 2017