SECRET SERVICE/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT/TRUMP PEOPLE: “In the century or so since Congress first assigned the Secret Service the task of protecting the president of the United States, its top job has always gone to an agency veteran.
Like so many things in the Trump era, that may soon change.
Aides to President Trump are narrowing a list of candidates to lead the Secret Service, the beleaguered agency that protects the country’s top government officials and investigates certain crimes.
Unlike in transitions past, no clear front-runner has emerged. But top aides have been looking at candidates inside and outside the agency who can improve its morale and regain the credibility lost after a string of embarrassing lapses. They hope to name a new director in the coming weeks.
The search has taken on new urgency in recent days, as a series of attempted intrusions on the White House grounds — including a successful one in which a man was able to wander close enough to peer through the windows — have reignited concerns about management, training and security vulnerabilities thought to be on the mend.”

-Nicholas Fandos, “Search for Secret Service Leader Intensifies as White House Security Is Tested,” The New York Times online, March 22, 2017