INTELLIGENCE/POLITICS/TRUMP AS PRESIDENT: “It’s almost like Republicans are tired of having President Trump’s evidence-free allegations laid at their feet. Almost.
Late Monday [3-13-17], House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’s (R-Calif.) spokesman threatened to subpoena the Trump administration to produce evidence of Trump’s claim that then-President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. The White House has declined to produce this evidence publicly, offering a number of excuses, including the Constitution’s separation of powers and — most recently on Monday — arguing that Trump wasn’t speaking literally when he made the claim.
The Justice Department missed Nunes’s deadline to provide evidence Monday, which drew Nunes’s subpoena threat.
‘If the committee does not receive a response by, the committee will ask for this information during the March 20 hearing and may resort to a compulsory process if our questions continue to go unanswered,’ Nunes spokesman Jack Langer said.”

-Aaron Blake, “Republicans are threatening to expose Trump as the emperor with no clothes,” The Washhington Post online, March 14, 2017